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Doree embroidery & SCREENPRinting


Computerised machine embroidery is a multi-step process which begins with the digitizing of artwork or a logo then converting it into a thread pattern digital file. The needles of the multi head embroidery machine then automatically follow this pattern and apply machine functions to each head producing accurate replicas of each logo.

As an application, nothing compares to the beautiful look and feel of embroidery on fabric. Today embroidery is used to advertise and decorate almost anything imaginable – polo shirts, T-shirts, jumpers, jackets, blouses, overalls, skirts, shorts, trousers, swimwear, underwear, towels, bags and bed linen. With Doree you are sure to be a winner every time.

2D Embroidery

Almost 90 – 95% of embroideries are 2D embroidery. Your logo is critical to brand recognition and its reproduction must be treated with the utmost care.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and whether you have corporate wear requiring the shiny prominence achieved by rayon thread, industrial workwear requiring the toughness that can handle the heavy wash using Polyester thread, electrical tradesman requiring Fire resistant thread, or general embroidery on sportswear, school wear, headwear and bags with Doree you are sure to be winner every time.

We have the largest range of thread colours in different shades and materials at our disposal to ensure that the right thread is used for any given garment. With approximately 150 machine heads and a highly skilled workforce we provide unmatched quality.

3D Embroidery

3D embroidery is a type of embroidery where foam is inserted under the top layer of the embroidery stitch thereby providing a three-dimensional raised appearance to the design. It is both an intricate and challenging process to achieve a quality result therefore it is not commonly offered by most embroiderers.

At Doree we invested in research and training for the production of 3D embroidery and finally launched it in 2017 after being assured that we could produce the quality that Doree is always committed to and known for.

Although the number of logos which qualifies for 3D embroidery is limited, we are proud to be one of the few to offer this service especially on customer supplied products.

Badges and Epaulettes

As an application, embroidered badges provide an excellent and cost effective means of adding recognition and identity to any garment/product. We are able to manufacture any quantity of badges from just a few to tens of thousands.

Due to their technical complexity we are one of the very few companies who manufacture epaulettes inhouse. Epaulettes add an official air to any uniform. We can manufacture epaulettes or embroider uniforms to any specification, whether it be one design or many, denoting various ranks.

All of our uniform embroidery is reinforced with material backing  and are double stitched, giving superior long term durability and wear.

Hat Bands

Doree hatbands are made from fade-resistant Grosgrain ribbon and will keep your club looking sharp.

Our standard colours include maroon, white, navy, gold, green.

Hat Band Price List

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a method in which ink is applied directly to the surface to be printed (substrate). The image to be printed is photographically transferred to a very fine fabric called the screen in a way which the non-printing areas are blocked off and the fabric serves as a stencil. The ink is wiped across the screen to pass through the unblocked pores and reach the substrate. For each color to be printed a separate screen is prepared and the process is repeated. Due to the labour intensive intricate work involved in preparation for screen printing jobs, small jobs are not advisable.

There are different types of screen printing methods which are named as per their method of colour separation. Three basic type of screen printing methods are

Spot Colour Process
One of the most common and popular method of screen printing which involves solid colour fills. This method of printing is suitable for designs which require a specific number of PMS colours, such as company logos. The number of screens required to be prepared is equal to the number of colours in the image required to be produced. A base is usually used for dark colour garments in order to bring true colours to life.

4 colour or CMYK process
The four color process is another method of separation of colours where the number of screens are limited to 4 colours only and like a normal printer the shades of these 4 colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black reproduces the desired logo. Sometimes a white underbase may be required for darker garment but the CMYK process is best suitable for white or very light material. It is ideal for images with designs that do not require exact PMS colour match.

Simulated process
The simulated process is a complex process however the principle of separation remains the same as the CMYK process. Instead of being limited to four colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) the simulated process uses half dots of various ink ranges to reproduce a design. This method is better suited for darker material.

Index Colour Process
In case of Index colour separation process the square pixel of same size is normally used instead of half tone dots in order to create a colour shade.

At Doree Embroidery and Screen Printing Services we have both an automatic and manual screen printer which can be used to economically meet your requirements. Our state of art screen printing machine has micro registration which ensures that the design remains true to the artwork supplied.

The combination of our superior quality raw materials and highly skilled and experienced screen printing team ensures that the quality of our screen printing is unmatched.

Heat Seal

When working with small quantities, screen printing can be very expensive due to the time and cost involved with the preparation of screens and films. For a one-off design with multiple colours or individual names and numbers, laser heat seal transfer is the way to go. Even for larger quantities where the logo is large, complex and involves vivid colours then heat transfer becomes the preferred choice as it doesn’t involve the complicated screen set up.

At Doree we use state of the art technology of laser heat seal transfer involving two papers. This innovative concept of decoration eliminates weeding and cutting processes thereby reducing the cost of logo enhancement. The new heat seal technology is ideal for any logo and can be done from small logos up to an A3 sized logo. Since the laser digital heat transfer has no clear or halo around the image, it produces incredible vivid details and colour reproduction.

Why Doree

Doree is Queensland’s largest and most experienced embroidery company with an inhouse facility for screen printing and laser heat seal transfer of logos.

Your logo is critical to brand recognition and its reproduction must be treated with the utmost care. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and use the highest quality raw material and highly skilled workforce to reproduce any logo whether it is embroidery, screen print or heat seal.

Doree is Queensland’s largest and most experienced embellishment company. Established in 1934, our business remains at the cutting edge of technology. Each day we embroider and screen print thousands of garments at our state of the art East Brisbane facility.

With a name built on a strong reputation for quality of service and product, our clients include individuals and companies within the corporate, fashion, sports and promotional markets.

We have provided our services for the likes of Qantas, Telstra, state of Origin Rugby League, the Australian and Queensland Governments, the Brisbane City Council, Rio Tinto, XXXX, Bundaberg Rum, the Brisbane Broncos and Brisbane Lions… just to name a few.

We are primarily a B2B embellishment service provider and do not supply garments.  This makes us the perfect partner for your wholesale orders with no risk to your business. With all of the decoration available at our one stop site the administration and logistics for your embellishment becomes a lot easier thereby saving you time and money.

  • Online Access

    Our clients have 24 hour access to our custom designed online portal. They can search for designs, create orders and check the production status of their work.

  • In-house Design

    Our inhouse design department uses the latest in industry software and strives to create the most exact reproductions of your logo possible.

    Whether it is creating a perfect vector design and color separation or preparing design with thread we have all aspects covered in house.

    We also email an electronic proof of every design before proceeding with production, so there are no nasty surprises when you receive the finished product. With our inhouse design department any changes required can be dealt with immediately.

  • Fast Turnaround

    With almost 150 individual embroidery heads and an automatic screen printer onsite we have the capacity to quickly turnaround any order large or small.

  • Professional Packaging

    We have a dedicated quality control and packaging department. We can fold, bag and heat seal your garments to a retail standard. We can also print a label with your company logo on the box. This way your clients will know where to order from next time, increasing your repeat sales potential.

  • Distribution

    We can organise for your order to be sent direct to your client with your labels on the box. This saves courier fees and means your client receives their orders hot off the production line. If your address is within our delivery van’s route then we can also provide pick up and drop of services with frequency based on volume.


Step 1 – Quotation

The first step is for us to provide you with a quotation.

In order to do this, we need:

  • Your artwork- please email us a jpg or similar of your design for embroidery decoration.
  • Your artwork- please email us your design file in vector format with text converted to curve/outlines on a transparent background for heat seal and screen printing decoration. A charge will be applicable if we have to prepare a vector file.
  • Approximate size of the design.
  • The medium that the design is to go on.
  • The quantity of pieces to be embroidered/screen printed/heat sealed.

On your confirmation of the price we may proceed with the next step, setting up the artwork for embroidery/screen print/heat seal.

Step 2 – Artwork

Next, once you provide us with the artwork you would like embroidered, screen printed or heat transferred, being sure that the correct colours are indicated (either on the design itself, or by PMS colours).

We will then send you an electronic proof of your design that will include an approval statement. This must be signed before we can proceed with the embroidery.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the design, color and size are as per their requirement. Any changes required must be communicated to Doree prior to approval.

A sample embroidery may also be requested. This may incur a charge, and will only be done for orders of quantities greater than 100, unless otherwise arranged.

The sample for screen printing is not possible due to complicated set up required for screen printing however a heat seal transfer mock up can be supplied as sample either for heat seal job or screen print job at minimum print charge applicable for heat seal.

Once we receive your approval on artwork, we can begin production.

Step 3 – Production

From the approval of the design, production will generally take 5-10 working days depending on the quantity involved and the time of year.

Every piece is checked at least twice to ensure that your goods are decorated to the highest possible standard.

Step 4 – Delivery

Finally, we deliver the finished product to you.

Your goods may by collected at our East Brisbane premises, or delivered COD by a courier company. For interstate or overseas customers, delivery can be made by your preferred freight company or by arrangement.

Just remember, we are only a courier away, with delivery to most parts of the country available within 24 hours.


The story of Doree Embroidery Service began way back in 1934 when Alfred James Macdonald (Mac) commenced trading as Doree Quick Mending Service.Established during the Great Depression, this new business offered all sorts of garment services, including embroidery, in a time when people tended to repair their clothes rather than buy new ones.

Business was steady until the war years when Brisbane saw the influx of great numbers of servicemen, both American and Australian, who were in need of Mac’s services. Following Mac’s death in 1956 his wife took over the running of the business as well as raising three small children. Many generations of Brisbanites remember Pam as the nice old lady serving them atop the rickety stairs at our old shop in Edward St (now Queen’s Plaza).

In 1967 Mac’s son George joined the firm which concentrated on clothing alterations but which retained a small embroidery section.In 1980 Doree purchased a 6-head mechanical embroidery machine which George and his wife Dianne operated at night from home. We then purchased one of Queensland’s first computerised machines in 1983. Although it was only a 2-head, its flexibility and quality was a quantum leap from what we had been accustomed to. Our customers also liked it and business soon prospered.

Doree Embroidery moved into new premises at Wooloongabba in 1985, before further expansion forced moves in 1990 and finally to our current location at East Brisbane in 1994.After 8 decades at the helm, in 2016 the McDonald family decided to hang up their boots and handed over the reins to another young and just as passionate family.

Prashant and Chavani became the proud new owners of Doree bringing with them the commitment to carry on the Doree legacy. Their vision for growth and expansion while maintaining superior quality and service has come to fruition with more streamlined decoration services being added. They have also made significant headway in improving technological transparency which has aided in enhancing our customer’s efficiency.

The Doree Family

Our highly experienced and talented team.

The Doree Team

Our creative people

Prashant Giri

Director/General Manager

Gina Falwasser

Accounts Manager

Sharon Rowe

Production Manager

Michelle Desjardine

Administration Assistant

Doree is Brisbane’s largest and most experienced embellishment company. Established in 1934, our business remains at the cutting edge of technology. Each day we decorate thousands of garments at our state of the art East Brisbane facility.

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