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DMI - Dhirubhai Mistry Institute for Print Education, Research & Training

Bhargav Mistry

Bhargav Mistry, Managing Director of Grafica Flextronica, is the Director of DMI - Dhirubhai Mistry Institute for Print Education, Research & Training.

Bhargav is Board member of ASPT, Past President, Screen Printers’ Association of India. Member of FESPA, SGIA, The Bombay Master Printers' Association. He is also an educationist. He was one of the five global screen masters who made presentations at FESPA AMERICAS 2011 in USA. He had also conducted session at FESPA, Munich in 2010. As a guest lecturer, he has made presentation on basic and advanced screen printing at Government Institute of Printing Technology (GIPT), Mumbai, Pune Vidyarthi Graha, Institute of Printing Technology, Pune, MIT, Manipal. His video film ‘Screen on Screen’ was screened over 15 cities/towns all over India. He followed it up with yet another unique idea of imparting education in the form of an educational campaign, covering ten cities/towns.

DMI – Dhirubhai Mistry Institute for Print Education Technology, Research and Training, A division and industry initiative of Grafica Flextronica.

Training programmes are important tools to ensure that workers have skills that are relevant for available jobs and to facilitate job matching. Effective training programmes help reduce the skills gap for many of these displaced workers and can increase their re-employment earnings. With rapid technological changes, there is growing demand for highly skilled, adaptable workers in screen printing industry.

Grafica is proud say that by establishing a world class institute, DMI, we are backing our Government’s skill development mission by initiating several educational activities as a manufacturer of printing machines. Although in China, Europe, USA there are scores of institutes offering education and training in screen printing technology, in India we have none. Even all private and government run print technology institutes, colleges teach outdated technique of screen printing although screen printing process has emerged as highly technology oriented printing process requiring lot of skills.

The new Dhirubhai Mistry Institute for Print Education, Research & Training (DMI), a Division of Grafica Flextronica, will not only help the companies, especially in this labour intensive screen printing industry, in coping up with the problem of scarcity of skilled labour force up to some extend but also provide better employment opportunities to these labour forces by upgrading their technical skills to improve quality, productivity, efficiency level of the industry. DMI has improved facilities and more space for practicals and display of printed samples, facility for hands on training, etc. It is an important initiative taken for the training of workforce that too by a private company in India. DMI is the only one of its kind in Asia.

Grafica is the only screen printing machinery manufacturer in the world to run a comprehensive training institute (DMI) in India offering FREE training and education by way of workshops, hands on training, one to one training to its customers and students. DMI is one of its kinds in Asia; it has all the modern facilities – a 40-seater auditorium adorned with highly creative screen printed samples, workshop hall for conducting practical sessions and hands on training. The workshop hall houses Grafica wide range of screen printing machines and equipment to cover all aspects of advanced screen printing in practical sessions and hands on training.;

Best part is it is not restricted to people who have Grafica machines. It is open to all who really wants to upgrade. They have been covering different subjects and by giving hands on training which allows to get kind of knowledge which is not possible to get anywhere else. DMI is returning back to industry many folds.

DMI activities:

  • Workshops for printing professionals
  • Short term / long term training programmes for printing technology students
  • Students' visits to DMI
  • Campus programmes at printing institutes
  • Corporate programmes with custom made practical training
  • Hands on training for customers’ operators.
  • Onsite Training at customers place
  • Educational road show all over India

These training are available for professionals from the printing industry – textile/garment, offset, screen, digital, flexo, for enhancing their skills. Students from various printing technology institutes also undergo special training at DMI. All programs are offered on an on-going basis, of course free of cost, throughout the year and fresh students are offered placements at the end of the course. So far DMI has completed 7 batches of students (over 100 students) who had general education in printing but got specialized in screen printing along with industrial visits.

Grafica/DMI are the pioneer in taking screen printing education to the doorsteps of screen printers through a unique video film Screen on Screen. 15 cities were covered under this film, thus benefiting nearly 2000 screen and offset printers with knowledge on value addition.

These programmes are conducted by a Bhargav Mistry, Managing Director of Grafica, an expert in screen printing technology spearheads these educational/training programmes, who is also Director of DMI.

DMI’s Facilities:

DMI has a wide range of state-of-the-art screen printing machines and allied products.

Pre Press:

  • Pneumatic fabric stretching equipment
  • Automatic emulsion coating equipment
  • Screen dryer with touch up table
  • Screen exposing unit
  • Washing booth
  • Aluminum frames
  • Tension meter
  • Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1


  • CamShell
  • Nano-Print
  • Nano-Print plus

nano-prinTex – automatic world’s first all electrical-mechanical screen printing machine;

nano-prinTag – automatic world’s first all electrical-mechanical tagless label screen printing machine;

Squeegee sharpener

Post press:

  • UV curing/IR dryer
  • nano-flashTex – intelligent flash curing system
  • nano-Texdryer – electric dryer

Other facilities:

  • Ink Kitchen
  • Consumable store
  • All types of QC tools used screen printing
  • Colour management system
  • Pre press/positive output facility

Screen printing samples library:

DMI has huge collection of screen printed samples/products sourced from leading screen printing firms. These samples represent various applications of screen printing – broadly divided into three segments

Textile/garment screen printing,

Industrial screen printing

Commercial/graphics screen printing.

The sample library has labels and stickers, automobile decals, ceramic transfers, textile transfers, ceramic tiles, printed circuit boards, membrane switches, flexible PCBs, stickers, labels, textile printing, metal labels, precision dials, graphic overlays, greeting cards, wedding cards, general stationery, calendars, halftone printing for glow sings on acrylics, advertising and publicity material like signboard, sun-pack, many more.

DMI’s achievements:

Winner of many national and international awards DMI created a world record by achieving two hatricks, separately in ASPT and FESPA students' competitions.

Grafica has industry support for DMI’s educational activities:

Many industry associates – Fujifilm Sericol, Skeyscreen, Print Dynamics, Indian Dyes Sales Corporation, COLORS, etc, have voluntarily partnered with DMI and these organisations believe in offering screen printing solutions - not merely products - to customers; but training and application support to customers. Grafica acknowledges contributions of these companies for the overall development of screen printing industry by supplying materials for DMI’s activities.


Training will continue to be a vital need in our industry. In the current economic times it is important to capitalize on every opportunity. I would encourage everyone to attend the valuable training programs offered at DMI. Those participating are sure to benefit from the high quality instructors, hands on training and up-to-date technical knowledge DMI has made great effort to assemble.

DMI has trained and produced over 1200 high quality screen printing personnel and entrepreneurs over the past nine years. This has been the most significant contribution of DMI to our industry. Long term benefits such as industry wide process control, and overall improved print quality will develop as knowledge expands. Ultimately, the industry will become more competitive and attractive to various markets, paving the way for future growth of the screen printing industry.

Students Achivement

DMI Students GOLD AWARD at Print Pack 2009, New Delhi

In 2005 DMI’s Entry Bagged Highly Commended During FESPA Youth Competition At Munich

In 2007 DMI Entry Bagged GOLD During FESPA Youth Competition At Berlin

In 2008 DMI bagged 2 GOLD during Screen Print India Competition at Mumbai India

Dear Bhargav, You did it by creating DMI in the honour of your father! And I can only say Bravo and to be glad if the support of the so called Guru of Screen-printing as some of my Indian friends name me to my honour my modest contribution to the development and improvement of screen-printing in the world and mostly in a country dear at my heart, I mean India.

That is my total belief, and I also believe that DMI is exactly the ideal tool that can be used to achieve goal which, if I look to the fantastic potential of our dear technology in India, will need not only your own efforts, the ones of DMI as an "Institute and Institution" = even better than a "Simple School", but also the help of all the Indian Institutions and of the FESPA, are deeply concerned by the success of such and initiative that we support, encourage and help with all our power and all our possibilities.

As you know, again, a big part of my heart belongs to India and also to you, my spiritual son and pupil in screen-printing and you can then understand that I shall continue to make, in the limits of my possibilities and power of course, all the efforts, all the efforts to push DMI to the top!

Your friend and Guru

Michel Caza
FESPA ex-president and member of the Board,
ASPT Chairman & GPSF Vice-President


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